OpenTeacher helps you learn

OpenTeacher 3.0 Teach mode

Improve your results with OpenTeacher

OpenTeacher helps you learn what you need to know for your next test. OpenTeacher allows you to make use of a lesson type where you are being taught in small parts. Once you know one part, OpenTeacher moves on to the next. This should help you remember large doses of information without being overwhelmed by its size.

You can also be tested by OpenTeacher. While OpenTeacher tests you, it keeps track of your progress and tells you how much you know. In this way you can make sure that you know enough to pass your next test!

Learn on many locations

The OpenTeacher file format makes sure you can always save the information ("lists") you enter. You can take these files everywhere you go! You can save to many file formats, including T2K (Teach2000) and Wrts. Even if you go to a place where OpenTeacher is not available, you can still learn your lists. There's even a portable version of OpenTeacher for Windows available, so if you can't miss OpenTeacher (which we can all understand), you can take it with you!

OpenTeacher has excellent integration with the online language tutor Wrts (also known as Wrds). You can access, edit and learn all your Wrts lists directly from OpenTeacher, or add new lists that you created in OpenTeacher. This way you can use the same lists everywhere you go!

OpenTeacher helps you teach

Offer your students the help they need

While OpenTeacher is primarily focussed on students, OpenTeacher also works great as a tool to help teachers give their students the right education. While teachers still provide the information, OpenTeacher can help the students learn this information by themselves. It can improve the student's results and saves the teacher time.

Transferring information from the teacher to the student can be done easily thanks to the OpenTeacher file format. The teacher creates an OpenTeacher file with the information (s)he wants to teach, sends it to the students, and the students can use OpenTeacher to be taught and tested about this. In addition, more and more publishers of (especially) language education books provide word list files along with their books. OpenTeacher can read many file formats, including the popular T2K (Teach2000), Wrts, and ABBYY Lingvo Tutor.

Open source in the classroom

One of the important things about OpenTeacher is that it's open source software released under the GNU General Public License. This means everyone can see the OpenTeacher source code: the way OpenTeacher was built. It also means that the knowledge that was used to make OpenTeacher can be reused by others.

The GNU Logo

Because OpenTeacher is opensource software, it is also very accessible. OpenTeacher code can be used to create OpenTeacher for almost any platform. We already provide OpenTeacher for Windows, Mac OS X and many Linux distributions. This way we try to provide OpenTeacher to anyone who wants to use it.

Anyone who wants to make modifications to OpenTeacher can also do so. If your organisation needs to make a modified version of OpenTeacher, this is perfectly possible as long as the GPL remains intact. Experience also tells us that if many users want a new feature implemented, there is often a software developer who implements this.

OpenTeacher is completely community-driven. All OpenTeacher contributors are volunteers, and OpenTeacher is not focused on making profits. For more information about open source software, please visit the Free Software Foundation.